Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Anyone going to watch the ESPYS tonight? Well, if you are, you'll be in for a treat. Along with some fellows over at Mocap NYC, I worked on cleaning the mocap for some cool character stuff. I'm not exactly sure when you'll be able to see the pieces I worked on.
Here's the info for the ESPYS:!/behindProduction/video=6764850/
It was a fun project and I enjoyed working with the fellows over at Mocap NYC.

Friday, July 1, 2011


I just looked at a bunch of reels for fun, and I'm not afraid to admit, I like to sniff out the competition, but it seems like a good portion of them put a little bit of everything they've worked on. Even the not so pleasant looking stuff. I know. They spent a lot of time on it. That's fine. I just want a quick taste of your talents, not to watch every single thing you worked on.
Does this bother anybody? I'm used to thinking that 1 to 2 minutes tops is what a good reel should be. What's with the 3+ minutes for a personal reel? Studios can do more than a person. I've seen some awesome reels for some larger studios that got close to 10 minutes. I didn't get bored cause it was all cool stuff. But someones personal demo reel doesn't need to be that long. I was watching a few were I kept looking at the timeline. If I look at the timeline at all, there has to be something wrong. (Or maybe, again, that's just me.)
And what is with the focus on stuff that looks like it might be student work? I like looking at student stuff. As a matter of fact, I think I have bits and pieces of my own student stuff on my reel. I can understand people right out of college doing it, but if you've been working awhile and have the ability to make a reel that is 4 minutes long, cut the student stuff! Not all of it, just chop it down to a few seconds, maybe like ten. And if you really want to show you student stuff, put it on your site as such. Put your thesis up, put assignments up. I'm not opposing the whole student work. I just want to see what you can do, personally and professionally. Is that too much to ask?
Sorry for the ranting, I just get passionate at times and want to slap people onto the correct path in life.