Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New beginnings

<p>Its been a ling time since I've posted anything on this blog. I'm terrible at this.
With that out of the way, I'm starting anew. </p>
<p> A ton of stuff has happened since my last post, over a year ago. I'll just quickly go over the big stuff. I've worked on a few things. Continued to do what I love. Got married. And moved across the country. Yay! All cool and fun stuff. And I told you all about it in one paragraph. </p>
<p> Now for the boring stuff. I'm so bored! We packed everything to ship it across the country and now we wait. Waiting is boring. No internet/cable cause our tv and computers aren't here. What's the point in waiting around for the cable guy if we can't use the service his company provides? No sketch books cause I couldn't fit it into my carry on and I completely forgot I could have stuffed it in  the bag we checked. ::slaps forehead:: All I have is my smartphone that is crapping out on me, cause its getting old, and my kindle. Its something. But I can tell when folks are getting annoyed with all the photos I post of gorgeous weather when back east its still pretty much a frozen tundra. Sorry everyone. But I'm so fraking bored! Deal with the gorgeous weather you can't have and let me have this! (Please don't spoil any tv shows we haven't seen for the past two weeks. All I have is this. :-\ )</p>
<p> So now I get to learn about the industry in the bay area and apply to what looks like a bunch of cool jobs. A little difficult doing this all on my phone. If they want my LinkedIn, perfect. That's easy to link up. My actual resume, however, is on a thumb drive. And I have no computer, no laptop. So for those places, I have to wait to apply. Its not terrible. I just wish I could do something. </p>