Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gifts that I love!

I meant to blog about this about a month ago. You know, when it was more relevant (with all those holiday gifts and all). But since I forget to do these things, I'll just tell you now.
Christmas gifts are always fun and useful in my family. Its stuff that I'll use and enjoy. Even if I don't make a list, my family knows what I'll like. This year, I got some fun movies and games. 

Cinderella: Oh man. I had told my fiancé that my favorite Disney movie growing up was Cinderella. With that information, and Disney's silly Vault scheme keeping certain movies on and off the shelf, Cinderella came out just in time for him to get the perfect gift. It also made me realize that he listens to me :D

ParaNorman: I just loved this film. It was a great movie to see in theaters and I absolutely loved watching it again. This time I have to thank my grandmother-in-law. 

Dance Central 3: So this isn't an animated movie, but who doesn't love dancing and games? So what if I didn't work on this one, I'm still gonna tear up the dance floor. 

Game of Thrones Season 1: Okay. Not exactly an animated series, but there are definitely some awesome visual effects shots. It also doesn't hurt that I absolutely love A Song of Fire and Ice.

I just loved my gifts this year (didn't list them all, these are just the animation related ones). I hope everyone loved what I got them as well. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Keeping Focused

This is my dilemma. When I'm home, and looking for work, finding a project I want to work on and sticking with it til its finished, can be a task. I've started maybe 3 animations that I want to finish. But then I get side tracked.
And its not huge problem, its just that once I get side tracked, jumping back into a project can take me a little time. Is this just a problem I have? I mean, other people must have short attention spans like me.
FYI...When I'm being paid to work, I never have this issue. I know I have a deadline and I know what needs to get done by when. And I plow away at it. Maybe that's my issue. I probably should give myself a deadline.
Okay. That's what I'm gonna do. Thank you, internet, for listening to me think this out. Its been helpful. Now I need to make you a promise to get on my sh*t and upload some animations I've done.