Thursday, January 24, 2013

Keeping Focused

This is my dilemma. When I'm home, and looking for work, finding a project I want to work on and sticking with it til its finished, can be a task. I've started maybe 3 animations that I want to finish. But then I get side tracked.
And its not huge problem, its just that once I get side tracked, jumping back into a project can take me a little time. Is this just a problem I have? I mean, other people must have short attention spans like me.
FYI...When I'm being paid to work, I never have this issue. I know I have a deadline and I know what needs to get done by when. And I plow away at it. Maybe that's my issue. I probably should give myself a deadline.
Okay. That's what I'm gonna do. Thank you, internet, for listening to me think this out. Its been helpful. Now I need to make you a promise to get on my sh*t and upload some animations I've done.

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