Monday, February 11, 2013


Its semi official. Rhythm & Hues will be filing for Chapter 11. So much for that $21 million infusion from other studios. I can only say that I feel those artists pain. Being told not to show up next week and then having your paycheck held indefinitely? I can only imagine. (Having had a certain studio slowly pay me up to a year after I had stopped working for them seems like a piece of cake compared to this)

So what happens now? What should happen is an investigation. I'm sorry, but any time a large company files for Bankruptcy, this should happen. Cause a problem like this just doesn't happen over night. Its something that has been an issue for several months or maybe years. How did we get to this point? Every company should want to know. And I know bankruptcy seems like an easy answer, but its way too easy these days to file for it. Cause when you file bankruptcy, your obligation to pay your staff, or anyone you owed money to, goes out some window. Everyone else is kinda screwed. (Okay, so I really know very little about Bankruptcy, any chapter for that matter, but from what I believe to be true, I think the information above is correct),_Title_11,_United_States_Code

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