Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Title Image

Yay! No more silly font. I had to put something a little more personal. And no, its not a font. I just doodled it out. Maybe I'll make a font of it. It's playful and readable. A bit too loose at the moment, the beginnings are definitely there.
I was going to work on some animations today. Somehow I got distracted. Not that difficult to do on a beautiful fall day. It wasn't sunny, but it wreaked of fall outside my window. I couldn't let it go. Went walking around my neighborhood. My new neighbors downstairs also have this annoying tendency to play their music loudly. My room has been week buffered (rug, several things hanging on my walls to disburse sound, and my loft bed that is probably absorbing most of the music when I sleep), but its really annoying when the base is loud enough to travel trough all my buffers. In the two weeks they've been here, I've asked them once to turn the music down. So have both my roommates. And my roommates cousins who are visiting from France and who are hearing most of the music because they are sleeping above the speakers. I think its too loud if my feet are vibrating when I walk through my living room. I might practice my routines for my tap class in the next few days just to show them how annoying it is. (I don't normal practice between classes, which is kinda bad, but I rarely have time. Get home from work, the last thing I want to do is start jumping around. Most times I rather just play a video game or watch whatever is on the TV.)
So the reason I didn't animate today was I was too annoyed by my neighbors and too lazy to say anything to them. I also think that the girl downstairs is a bitch. No smile when I met her. She's got that "I'm gonna play my music as loud as I want" vibe. That's what headphones are for. The guy seems nice. He smiled.
At least I got an image instead of silly blogger font.

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