Friday, October 22, 2010

When I'm right...I'm right...

I'm a good judge of character. When I first meet a person, they're whole appearance effects my views on them. Not just how they are dressed, but how they carry themselves, how they enter into conversation with others or try to exit a conversation. Starting to close a door before a conversation is completely over tells me that you have no respect for me. Your life is more important than mine, you control the flow of a conversation. I stick my foot in the door, figuratively, all the time. I don't necessarily lay down and take it. It all depends on the situation.
For instance, our new neighbors downstairs have that annoying habit of playing their music too loudly. It was louder today for some reason. Holly knocks on her way out. The music doesn't lower. After a few minutes, Holly returns and a conversation goes on about how the music is so loud that they can't hear the knocking on their door. Fed up, and trying to work on some animation, I go down to ask our friendly neighbors to turn it down. Knock on the door once. The music lowers, I figured they got the message. I walk away. Before I even get back to the steps, the music is raised to its original volume. I walk back over, knock again (loudly, because it wasn't heard clearly the first time), the volume lowers, I knock again, loudly. The clicks of the lock means someone is finally acknowledging my existence. Its the girl who doesn't smile. I ask that she turn down her music. She nods and starts to close the door before I finish. I explain that we can hear it throughout our whole apartment. Her response was that the stairs were noisy. WTF!? I go on to say that it can be a noisy place if we make it that way (with a look on my face that was probably very bitchy after I was trying to be very nice).
Really?! The stairs are noisy and you hear everyone come in response to all that noise you blast your crappy dance music? Walking up stairs in my building takes less than a minute. They creak, because they are old. The building does not look new. It looks like its old. If you do a simple search of an address online, you can find out what year a building was built in. Try it. Where ever you move, you should do some research of the neighborhood and building you are moving to. Who knows, maybe your house was built on a swamp. You move in and you start sinking. The foundation cracks and you start to get flooding. Mold starts to build up. Would you have moved to that house if you had known about that swamp? Or is ignorance bliss? I hope you don't think that. Because ignorance leads to people making assumptions about things they shouldn't. There would be a lot more smarter people out there if they didn't choose to be ignorant.
Unless you move to a condo, creaky steps and floors probably exist in your abode. Get used to it, or move into a friggin' condo.
So after I got all flustered on that whole situation and I settled back down to animate, I got to know my rig a little better. Took me awhile of playing around with the controls on the face to figure out what I was doing. I haven't used Maya in awhile, so I forgot that Ctrl d was Duplicate and not what it is in MotionBuilder (deselect). I made a whole bunch of copies of controls. Silly me. I think I'm gonna try to do something for 11 second club. I really like the clip this month: Star Trek. The idea is to start with some strong facial animation, then build out some strong poses. (I always have started with the facial stuff, at least when it comes to lipsync. Its easier to focus on when you don't have body parts moving around it. I probably should try working the other way to see if I like it or if I produce better results).

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